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How to Leverage Social Media Metrics for maximum impact

  “You can't improve on it unless you measure it”. This hold true for the social media effort of your organization. Social Media can be categorized into 3 types of media – Owned media, Earned media and Paid media. Owned media is the one where the brand operates its own media – social media channels, blogging channels and affiliate channels. Earned Media are the media that is generated about the brand from customer, prospects, analyst and even employees. Paid media – here the brand pays to put their content in the media channels owned by others – influencers, agencies etc. In this blog, we will explain:  Some metrics to track social media. Deep dive into one of the key metrics on Share of Voice (SoV). Key Success parameters for SoV. · Social Media Metrics Key metrics are listed below. For Benchmarks, you can refer to this nice blog. What is Social Share of Voice SoV ? Share of Voice (SoV) is the percentage of your organization’s social and digital mentions in not owned

Be a life long learner #niceread

Be a life long learner #blogcontent #niceread — Subhankar (@subhankarP) October 5, 2020 Source: @subhankarP October 05, 2020 at 07:19PM