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A MOOC Review : What Can Blockchain Do for you?

Pic Credit Blockchain is the kid in the technology block. Is it? We have been reading about it for the last 10 years. The rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and the remarkable rise and fall of currencies have been in the news. A couple of binge-worthy series on Netflix series also piqued my interest in this topic. With all this happening, I wanted a basic understanding of this topic. Some excellent MOOCs on the course did help. These MOOCs did help clear up the basics. I still missed the big picture.  What Can Blockchain Do for you? And this course was the one which did clear up some of the basic understandings of how blockchain can be put into business usage. The course instructor Lloyd Keays  did a great job breaking up the jargon and explaining it to a layman like me.  Some of the salient pointers from the course ( for future reference). 1.) It's a new way to share trust. 2.) No database ( no one owns it) 3.) Technology needs to evolve more, especially in NFTs etc 4.) Regulations