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Monday, February 25, 2013

Four Reasons which makes VINE an impressive app

I have been using VINE app for some time. This start up was recently acquired by Twitter. My first impression - it is a WINNER. Twitter got popular as it was an convenient way to blog - easier to micro blog than blog. What vine promises is a video clip site - 6 seconds video looping to convey the message. As of now, it is available for apple ios and the android version is on the  anvil. I am very excited creating my own video clips and you can see one of my creativity here. The four reasons which makes me feel that Vine is a app to watch out for in future are:

1.) Simplied User Interface : Very few tabs/ buttons on the app screen. Looks easy to eyes and very intuitive to use. 

2.) Simplified functionality: The site does what it is meant to do -captures videos - nothing more or nothing less. Even there is an easy to understand video for the first time users to make and share their first video. 

3.) Adherence to social media guidelines: As an analogy, it is a twitter for video clips. Privacy is something which can be improved upon and i believe with more twitter integration those will part of the package.

4.) Business use: Now, talking about business, these app can be explored for social marketing. It is a twitter for the youtubes. Most of the social media prediction bet on use of visual media for effective knowledge dissemination. Now 6 seconds video will unleash creativity for product managers to showcase their product in a cost effective manner. Studies suggest that the initial attention span for user is 3 seconds and looking at what vine has to offer for the digital marketers, we have a winner here. I came across a blog "6 Tips on How to Use Twitter’s New Vine Video App for Marketing" which illustrates the social marketing aspects in detail. Another interesting blog which suggests other ways we can make Vine work for Marketing.

This is my first attempt in reviewing an app. Hopefully you like it. Look forwards to your views and reviews.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Imagining internet of things

We barge into a pizza shop. My phone updates  my location in my social network channel. Pizza shop captures the same information and passes this along with my profile information to the CRM system and it flashes in the Point of Sale. And before i could talk to the pizza  man, he greets me by my first name and makes me an delicious offer of a sizzling pizza along with some cookies based on what i had ordered  earlier. And some discount options  are offered which becomes difficult for me to deny. That is the internet of things for me.

As per the definition at Wikipedia, it is  "A world where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into the information network, and where the physical objects can become active participants in business processes. Services are available to interact with these 'smart objects' over the Internet, query and change their state and any information associated with them, taking into account security and privacy issues"

Efforts are being made to 
standardize the protocols for efficiency. "Having a universally accepted and adopted M2M protocol will help get new devices and systems to market faster, since they often are built using many variations of hardware and software platforms, device types, and networks,  "

An interesting info graphic from CISCO suggests that in 2008, number of machines connected to the internet has already exceeded the number of people on earth.

There are plenty of resources available over internet but would recommend that you use
 this link as an starting point. The picture shows the evolution and project growth of Internet of Things

Internet of Things

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