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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Experiments with R - Textual Analysis of twitter feed

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Two basic things to watch out for to secure your organization's future

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In this new era of advanced computing and ubiquitous data, modern enterprises should prioritize two critical initiatives in their organization to secure their growth into an uncertain future. The initiatives are:

Leveraging the data

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We are embarking on a new era of digitization. Data has become ubiquitous and an integral part of our existence. 40% of the world populations are connected to the Internet. There are more connected devices (machine to machine), overtaking the number of humans. As machines churn out more data, there will be a glaring need to store and clean them for more meaningful results. The technology, which had helped us for the last 3 decades, is slowly making way for more advanced technologies to store this humongous amount of data and analyze them. And we are just analyzing 1% of the data. The organization, which leverages their data more, will have a competitive advantage. With the lower cost of processing power, data utilization is expected to improve to 2-4 % by 2020.

Customer Experience Obsession

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We are in the experience economy. The organization needs to be obsessed about their customer experience. As per one of the recent study, 73% of the customer will expect the same experience from all of their vendors in case they have one good experience with a vendor. So experience management cuts across industries. The focus should be put on trying to understand the customer more and giving their optimal experience. With more prevalence of Artificial Intelligence, we can have smart bots who can interact with customers at a basic level and humans can take over the more value-added interactions like conflict resolution and customer management.

The organization, which manages these 2 strategic initiatives, would be in a better position to tackle the future and be successful.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Content without copywriting is a waste of good content.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Employee Advocacy : Some in house tools and apps

In general, the use of Employee advocacy enhances the social media reach by 500+%. It increase the brand equity by 20% (internal research).

I have tried to list some of the free tools/apps which can be used for employee advocacy - these are the tools/ apps which works best for

1.) Email : Email continues to be one the best employee advocacy tool. It can be easily created. The main task here is to send information to employees which they will feel good to share with others. So , the content of the email is critical. It is advisable to avoid generic newsletter. In case it unavoidable, try segregating the newsletter into different groups so that your target employee easily finds the group and reads/ shares the information. There should be consistency in the quality of content in the newsletter. You can keep the newsletter weekly/ biweekly and try not to skip it. For consistency, you can use various curation tools. Feedly can be one tools which can use.

2.)  3rd Party tools : Use tools like and . You can automate the content curation by using zapier and ifttt. For more details, you can reach out to me at

3.) Use LinkedIn Page: You can create a group or use a company showcase page. You can then keep curating the content which you want your users to share.

Here i have steered away from corporate employee advocacy tools and given some options for free/ easily available apps.

Do let me know your thoughts/ feedback in the comments sections.

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