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3 T’s for social media effectiveness

To be successful in social media, there are no set rules. One thing which I have observed amongst the successful social media influencers is their passion and belief in this media. There are many resources on the best practices to communicate and amplify your message. Based on my research, I have categorized them as the 3 T’s – Template, Tools and Time for enabling social media effectiveness. These are the set of best practices and free web apps that can be used for your social media activity. Template : The post should be structured with all the required social properties, i.e., Hashtag, @ references and Links. Based on my research on the engagement rate of my twitter channel, the tweets with clickable elements have twice engagement rate than the tweets without any references. One caveat, please limit the clickable elements to a maximum of 4 in your social posts. As per statistics, the engagement decreases as we increase the clickable elements to more than 4. Tools: T