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How to thrive in the world of digitization

We are embarking on a new era of digitization. Data has become ubiquitous and an integral part of our existence. 40% of the world populations are connected to the internet . By 2018, there would be more connected devices (machine to machine), overtaking the number of humans . As machines churn out more data, there will be a glaring need to store and glean them for more meaningful results. The technology, which had helped us for the last 3 decades, is slowly making way for more advanced technologies to store this humongous amount of data and analyze them.  In 2013, 90 percent of the world’s data had been created in the past two years, and 80 percent of that is what’s called unstructured data, meaning clicks, comments, posts, pictures, chats, and so on. And while this digital exhaust often lives in different systems across the digital ether, the data is being aggregated.  As the technology advances and more people use the internet, we are ushering our way into the era of digitizati