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Guest Blog: Social Media is catching up fast! Are you?

Social media has penetrated our lives in more ways than one could have imagined. We not only just share personal trivia on these increasingly ubiquitous channels of networking, but whatever we put out in the open has the potential of impacting our professional lives in an ever-increasing manner. Now, one aspect of what I mentioned above, is to critically monitor our actions pertaining to information sharing, the other more relevant aspect, as per me, is to realize the importance of being ‘Socially visible’; and what we stand to lose if we don’t use these channels for our own benefit. Why being ‘Socially Visible’ is necessary? Any individual, or company, might actually ponder over this question, and they will be right in doing so. I’ll try to put forward a perspective here, which may have been discussed in similar/different forms in many places, but still conveys the reasons in a very elementary yet effective manner. A consumer goods co