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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The rising importance of Enterprise Social Media Network

There has been a lot of activity in the Enterprise Social Media Network space. All the major Enterprise Software Vendors are making investments in the areas of Enterprise Social network.
These are the few examples where major enterprise software vendors are taking cognizance of the critical role which Social Media Network will play in Enterprise functions in years to come.

This blog from Harvard Business review suggests that enterprises can derive maximum benefit from Social Media  Networks if they focus on two critical elements - Integration and Scale.

Integration: Social Network should be an integral part of the business processes and should not exist in silos, for enterprises to leverage its potential.
The video shows how JAM can be effectively be integrated in Customer Relationship Module to identify, qualify and track opportunities and leads.

Apart from CRM, other business processes areas like Human Resources, Employee On boarding,  Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement and other critical areas can leverage the Social Networks to effectively manage their operations.
The following video highlights some of the untapped areas of Social Media in enterprises and the vast opportunities that can be unleashed with its effective use.

Scale: Scale is required to make Social successful. Collaboration and crowd sourcing are only possible in people across the organisation use the tool on an ongoing basis. Broadening the reach is one of the key elements of Social Network and all the products are enhancing this functionality to achieve the scale. Also, there should be enforcement of daily usage and adoption of social enterprises from the senior management to make the Social Media Network work.

I believe that Enterprise Social Networks will be critical in breaking the "silos" within organisation and bringing forward the intrinsic values. Solicit your feedback and comments on this article.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

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