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The rising importance of Enterprise Social Media Network

There has been a lot of activity in the Enterprise Social Media Network space. All the major Enterprise Software Vendors are making investments in the areas of Enterprise Social network. Microsoft is proactively integrating Yammer  with its standard office 365 suite and enterprise products. is enhancing Chatter capabilities . Oracle is also positioning its Oracle Social Network to compete with major social network players. SAP, is also integrating the Enterprise Social Network offering JAM with its core suite of products . These are the few examples where major enterprise software vendors are taking cognizance of the critical role which Social Media Network will play in Enterprise functions in years to come. This blog from Harvard Business review suggests that enterprises can derive maximum benefit from Social Media  Networks if they focus on two critical elements - Integration and Scale. Integration:  Social Network should be an integral part

Guest Blog: The State of SaaS – Infographic

This infographic blog  captures the industry research on the SAAS market. Published with permission from