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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Email Marketing Quick Trick : How to create a click to post

Click to post links in an email is a nice way of telling your mail readers to just click and submit the message in their preferred social channels.

For example: In the following examples, which was is easier.

Option 1 : Please post the following tweet in your social channels and amplify this message:

"For latest blogs, news and information on digital marketing, please follow #techsambad."

Option 2: Please amplify this message in twitter by clicking here:

By choosing option 2, you are making it more easier for the reader to avoid steps like

  1. Copy the content
  2. Opening the twitter
  3. pasting the content
So basically, clicking the link will avoid this 3 steps and will be more convinient.

I use the following site to create the links for twitter, faebook and all the major social channels.....

I have built an excel utility where you can get multiple messages at a single go. In case you need that, please drop in a mail at

Do let me know if you find this useful - In case you have a better way, please put that in comments section.

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

3 Steps to curate News and Articles using Twitter

As per the latest statistics, we have more than 300 Million twitter users and its the most popular social channel employed by the business.

Majority of the analyst use twitter to amplify the industry related news, articles and thoughts. Following these information can be more enriching than following a particular tech channel. This blog will list a simple way on how we can use the search functionality of twitter to create a daily news stream.

1.) Use the advanced Search functionality of the twitter. You can find this option under "More Options" in the search page. Put the key words that you want to filter for your daily consumption. Please remember to use "OR" in case you want multiple searches. Similarly follow the same process for the words which you do not want to see in your search results. Also, you can put language as an filter. Getting the perfect result will require right searches and right exclusions. Its an iterative process - you cannot achieve 100% success in your first attempt. Just run with your search for couple of weeks with intermittent tweaking to exclude the unwanted results - "feedback loop".

2.) Once, the result is done, you can create an widget which you can use in your blog - like given below: This is my attempt to get all the news from all major enterprise software vendors - As noted in point no.1 - it will not give the perfect result and i ll keep on tweaking the results till i get the perfect one.


3.) You can also use aggregation services like You can use the search query in the aggregation software - As a caution, please be absolutely sure about the query before posting it on the aggregation services.
You can find one of weekly aggregated news from my twitter channel here

With this 3 steps in place, you will have either a newspaper ( or Tweet stream which will be a ready source for your reference and immediate content consumption...

At least it will save you your daily time of looking into google for site news.

I think it is a efficient way to follow news. Do let me know your thoughts on this..I would be very much interested in learning about any other efficient ways of getting the information "without doing anything" on a daily basis. ....Look forward to your views and reviews.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Board on Pinterest

I am trying to expand my social world by adding Pinterest and curating information on this platform. This Pinterest board is a curation of all information Social media and digital marketing based on my research. If you want to collaborate on the pin, please send me a request at

Follow Subhankar's board Digital Marketing Concepts on Pinterest.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Analyst are the oxygen for any analysis

Crop-analyst (2440220215)

Analyst remove the chaff from the grain;
Without them, the entire data analysis will go down the drain.

That is how i would like to describe the contribution of analyst for an meaningful data. Now, some logic to prove my "analysis".

1- We have lots of data which gets captured in a digital selling process - Clickstream, web server information, customer questionnaire etc. - And we require logical and human intervention to determine which data source will be pertinent to which stage of the digital selling cycle and also designing the system to capture the right data - to ensure we are capturing the right data at the right time at the right way. Tools only provides the way, the analyst gives the direction to the logic and help us in reaching the destination. Analyst prepare the blue print of the system to capture the right data.

2. Remove the discrepancies - Tool will give us the result - analyst remove the aberration. For example, in social media - if we use tools we can get our metrics for the social reach. One of the demerit of Social Media is we can trick it to get erroneous results - BOT in terms of false followers, false followers, false applause and false amplification. It will require analyst to use multiple analytical tools to skim the data, remove the redundancies/ fake data and come up with an accurate result. With analyst, we cannot take the inputs of the social tools on its face value.

3. Adding value - Tools will give the analysis and trends. But analyst are required to understand the patten from the analysis and create a feedback loop. For example, the analyst does the analysis on values digital channels for an website and can create recommendation of the best path to follow in the digital journey.

These are a few of the examples - For me "The analyst are the soul for each analysis"......
This essay was written as part of my course on Digital Analytics

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