Is Microsoft trying to create a "UBER for Knowledge workforce" with its LinkedIn Acquisition

We have seen unprecedented advancement in the applicability of digital economy over the last decade. Some of the tectonic changes are:
  • Proliferation of shared economy - which systems playing its part in connecting the supply and demand side and cutting off the intermediary. Uberization has become a buzz word
  • Social network has enabled information exchange at all the levels. Companies are using crowdsourcing to design and enhance their product design. 
The recent acquisition of Microsoft are in line with these 2 shifts. It gives Microsoft a ready access to 430+ Million users. The possibilities are immense - some of the use cases are given below:

1 - Create a network of knowledge profession on the lines of and connect it to the sourcing platforms , human resources and vendor platforms.
2 - Create a expert/ knowledge on demand service for the knowledge sector similar to and connect it to their productivity suite ( MS Outlook, MS Word). 

As companies move towards a shared economy to lower their cost of product , this can be worthwhile bet for Microsoft for future. Whether it pays or not, only time will tell. My opinion, it will ....Your comments...

P.S: These opinions are mine only and not of my current or previous employer.

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