Magic Lamps and Genie

Genie Lamps 1
Magic Lamp

In the Arabian nights, prince Aladdin had a Magic lamp. On rubbing the magic lamp, a genie used to appear and help Aladdin in achieving his wishes. As children we were mesmerized by the magic that happened to call the genie and its awesome capabilities of the genie.

By 2015, there would be more than 15 Billion connected devices. Social Media technologies – Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts are connecting people and devices together. Technological advancements in wearable technologies – Google Glass, Samsung watches, Fitbit Heatlh bands etc are innovating new ways of human interactions.  Smart combination of all these is changing the paradigm of how companies are approaching the customers. Magic is happening around us as these technologies are getting more evolved and more innovative

Now each device has become a Lamp itself. By Push of a button, we are seeing prompt customer services. For example, the “mayday” button of Amazon fire has response time of 15 seconds and 24/7 service. More and more equipment manufacturers are adopting having buttons in their devices to bring customer services to their customers literally to their fingertips. By this innovative move, they are removing the time consuming tele-calls and web logging processes. This is a trend which I think will usher the next generation customer service applications.

With smart use of social technologies, knowledge about products is getting dissipated to the customers at a greater ease and lesser cost. Apart from the reach, the collaboration helps in “crowd solving” the customer issues at a much cheaper cost. A onsite site defect can be easily photographed by the field personnel and shared to the offsite engineering team and solved realtime using wearable technologies like google glass, Samsung watches etc.

What we see is just the tip of the icebergs – The devices are becoming lamp, the technology is becoming the “genie “. I would like to end this summary with a quote from Charles F. Kettering  “Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future”
What do you thing. Please post your comments below.


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