HANA use cases that can shape the future


In one of earlier blogs, i had mentioned about how HANA potential should be unleashed by Enterprises to make the world "run better".
The new world is different.It has its own sets of challenges ( and opportunities). With burgeoning world population andrising middle class, the demand for limited resources isincreasing. We are slowly observing more protectionism and defensive policies being put in place by governments. It also provides us an opportunity to innovate and optimally use our resources.

The HANA Use Case repository is a rich library of business cases where the problems are discussed. These are my pick of  3 business cases, where HANA is well positioned to shape the future.

1.) HANA empowers the organisations to tackle this issue by boosting supply chain effectiveness. It enables companies with sophisticated analyses and data that are beyond the reach of traditional supplier management and spend analysis applications. The real time power of HANA enables companies to take immediate steps to ensure certainty in supply networks.

2.) Specifically in the utilities sector, HANA with its real time analytics can process huge amount of data real time and ensure optimal distribution of energy.
SAP Smart Meter Analytics powered by HANA analyzes smart meter and interval data in seconds to provide insights that were not possible before. It delivers
  • Powerful Customer Insights
    Instantly aggregate data and analyze customer energy usage at any level of granularity and dimension
  • Advanced Customer Segmentation
    Precisely segment customers based on consumption patterns.

3.) Real Time Inventory Analysis by HANA is the pick no.3. As demonstrated by the customer, big data analysis became easier and inputs flowed back to the system which in turn enabled higher efficiency.

Effective use of technology can assuage the growing malice of scarcity. The concept of transforming huge data into actionable insights in real time is required. In these use cases, HANA enabled that and hence i chose them. Do you agree?


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