Four reasons which makes HANA a compelling business necessity


SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA has been successfully released this week - Which is a testimony that in days to come that it will take center stage in enterprise wide software development. Here are my four reasons which makes In memory data computing databases like HANA a compelling business necessity.

More Speed:
Nimble Organization analyzes information at faster speed to stay ahead of their competitors. For Example, Smart organizations are capturing their success of their product releases by analyzing the tweets and messages of its products real time and even making necessary course corrections. To make smart and faster analysis of the data-set so large and complex (which have been named Big Data for their sheer volume), having a faster system performance has become a basic hygiene factor of any system.

Disk Scan speed has only become faster by 10 times over the last 30 odd years. Compared to the data growth, it is not adequate and will add to more scan time. There is a requirement to remove the redundancy involved in scanning and moving the data from disk to CPU for processing. In Memory Data Management removes two time consuming processes to make the processing faster – Scanning the data from Disk and moving it to the main memory (DRAM). As the CPU's have direct access to DRAM, the processing power is enhanced exponentially resulting in desired efficiency.

More Simplicity:
"With the collapse of OLTP and OLAP in one platform, there is a massive simplification on the way. For long CIOs have tried to fundamentally alter their investment away from “keeping the lights on” to “innovation” that gets their business stakeholders excited. With the elimination of batch, ability to do on the fly aggregates and extensions we have an agile system that will reduce operational costs while powering smarter innovations. Simplification in IT layers will also eliminate layers in business, where we can eliminate overhead functions have evolved to collect and expedite information clogged information flow across the company"

Big Data ready:
Data is growing exponentially. With more automation, more structured data is being captured in our organizations. Also, with the widespread adoption of social media, views, expressions and opinions are getting captured in Face book status messages, twitter tweets, Instagram’s pictures etc. which are categorized as unstructured data. The explosion of data can be summarized with the fact that the humans have doubled the amount of data that they produced in the last century in the last decade.

In Memory Data Computing leverages the advanced encoding methodologies which can reduce he data size to the tune of 20 times. It benefits the organization with lesser infrastructure requirement.

SAP HANA is big data ready as shown in the Early Findings of Scale Out Performance Test Results.

Cloud ready:
In Memory Databases such as HANA leverages the positives of columnar databases so that
  • New Attributes can be added easily vis-à-vis a row based database architecture
  • Locking for changing the data layout in only required for a short period contrary to row based architecture where the entire database or table would be completely locked to process data definition operations

Apart from these four compelling reasons, a faster system results in improved organizational efficiency. With faster technology, organization can definitely rewrite/ redesign the business processes. It will definitely enable the organization to "run better". Don't you think so?  I would appreciate your feedback on this blog piece.


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