2 ways to measure Value from HANA use case

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In my earlier blog, i had written about the top use cases of HANA which can shape the future. One of the pertinent frequently asked question about the use cases is how to measure Value ( both tangible and intangible) that can derived using HANA application. SAP HANA Value Calculator and SAP Value Management Center are two applications which can help the customer measure value derived from the use cases.

SAP HANA Value Calculator : A blog written by Rukhshaan Omar  had put succinctly about how this tool can be used to measure the benefits that can be derived by using HANA applications.

The tool covers the value that can be derived from the following end to end enterprise processes.
  • Customer Focus
  • Procure to Pay
  • Plan to Produce
  • Record to Report
  • Quote to Cash

SAP Value Management CenterCreating and unlocking value in an organization starts with the organization knowing where it stands. In the new economic conditions,leadership is defined by a single driving imperative:Run Better.You can see a business clearly, and identify opportunities for action, with Business Performance Benchmarking program, available through the Value Management Center (VMC). SAP Business Performance Benchmarking is one of the largest and most global benchmarking programs. Using VMC, you can easily navigate through this first step of the value creation journey.

VMC is SAP’s end-to-end real time benchmarking platform, with the following key capabilities:
  • On-demand performance assessments and insights
  • Central portal to manage the end-to-end benchmarking process
    • Online survey capabilities
    • Self-service registration & survey completion
    • Automated survey validation
    • Flexible comparative group1 definitions
    • Industry and other comparative group analysis
  • Multilingual support
  • Multi currency support
  • Confidential benchmarking assessment

Customers can leverage the VMC to compare and measure the benefit across 50 + process areas.

These are the two applications which can enable value measurement from the use cases. Do let me know if you have any feedback on this article.


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