Email Marketing Quick Trick : How to create a click to post

Click to post links in an email is a nice way of telling your mail readers to just click and submit the message in their preferred social channels.

For example: In the following examples, which was is easier.

Option 1 : Please post the following tweet in your social channels and amplify this message:

"For latest blogs, news and information on digital marketing, please follow #techsambad."

Option 2: Please amplify this message in twitter by clicking here:

By choosing option 2, you are making it more easier for the reader to avoid steps like

  1. Copy the content
  2. Opening the twitter
  3. pasting the content
So basically, clicking the link will avoid this 3 steps and will be more convinient.

I use the following site to create the links for twitter, faebook and all the major social channels.....

I have built an excel utility where you can get multiple messages at a single go. In case you need that, please drop in a mail at

Do let me know if you find this useful - In case you have a better way, please put that in comments section.

Photo Credit : Flickr Creative Commons

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